Our ad for Battery Tender Plus is finally done. Thanks to both crews as well as all the post production houses that lent their hands to this awesome job. I know we were all frustrated at times and may have bitten off more than we could chew but looking at the final product makes all those late nights feel worth it.


    I’m doing stand up at UCB tomorrow evening and I don’t expect you to come to that. However, we are having a fun after party at Soho House staring around 9PM. I’m telling people to dress fancy but not making it mandatory because I don’t want give anyone a reason to not come.

    I’m going to show a short I made with comedy people about funniness. This may be the only time this movie is ever aired.

    To get on the list simply email with the words “Soho House” in the subject.
    If you’ve already done this, ignore this email.



    We started this company at the beginning of 2011 and like all startups, we were racked with self-doubt. We listened to Rei Inamoto’s Tweet when it said, “When setting up a company, you need 3 types of people: a Hustler, a Hacker & a Hipster” and we had all those in spades but he’s Japanese. They can’t not succeed. What if we failed? What if we gave up our previous jobs for nothing? What if we don’t accomplish anything? We decided to visit the local bar and discuss our sorrows in a sea of booze. Rob and Saxon like to keep it simple but Sebastian and I usually pair our beers with a Maker’s on the rocks so we got to our buzz 50% earlier.

    We discussed a lot of potential problems but the biggest one seemed to be nobody was sure what this company does. Do we do documentaries? Are we a comedy production team? Maybe we should focus on commercials first because they pay best and we need to get this shit off the ground. Then, out of nowhere, something magical happened: A working class comedian from America named “Larry the Cable Guy” appeared on the bar’s TV. He said a lot of things that were in Southern so we couldn’t make them out but four words really stuck out.








    “Are you sure R is a word?” asked Rob. “Yeah, and even if it is, that’s three words not four” added Saxon. Both were great points but they weren’t yet drunk enough to feel the tidal wave of realness that had just washed over Sebastian and I. Then, right as I was about to school them, all four eyes lit up and they simultaneously exclaimed, “Holy shit! Larry just nailed it!”


    We ran back to the office like it was on fire and someone had left a baby mouse inside. What followed was a flurry of ceaseless determination which (I’m assuming) resembled that Amish thing where they all get together to build their buddy a house. We don’t need “focus” or an overall “mandate.” We just need to “Git R Done.” We do interviews, documentaries, spots AND comedy sketches. When people ask us what we do, we quote our buddy Martin Puris and say, “Whatever needs to be done” then we paraphrase Sid Vicious paraphrasing Frank Sinatra and insist we do it “our way.”


    We just started looking back on the post-Larry progress of the company over this past year, shit the past six months, and goddangit did we ever Git R Done. You don’t realize how much stuff you’ve done until you put it all together. It’s kind of like writing down a list of every chick you’ve ever slept with. Towards the end of the list you go, “Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that threesome in Cancun.” We figured we had done about 25 spots this year and we were proud of that but once we started getting the hard drives, we realized it’s actually 20 different clients getting a total of 110 spots. Actually, when you factor in all the different versions (online, TV, mobile, Taxi TV, etc.) it’s almost twice that.


    We are really five companies and all of them had a pretty good year…



    22 for Fast Company. 10 with Martin Scorsese and 12 with Scott Belsky.

    1 J. Cole for iTunes

    TOTAL: 23



    21 spots with Ryan Reynolds for Nissan consisting of 2 commercials and 19 Behind-the-scenes shorts.

    4 for Poppin (office supplies) and created their “Thank God it’s Monday” campaign.

    3 for Nivea documenting their New Year’s Eve event in Times Square (still in post on these).

    1 for Direct TV‘s Half-Truth campaign (never saw the light of day due to some white supremacist who created a smear campaign against the work.)

    1 for The Breeder’s Cup (horse race) for Grey Goose

    1 animated commercial for C. Wonder (lifestyle brand)

    2 for Afrin nasal spray (hasn’t broken yet)

    1 marketing campaign video for Levi’s 2012 collection.

    TOTAL: 15



    1 comedy pilot development deal with FX

    4 episodes of the hockey show “Beginnings” on MSG

    1 show being developed about dumpster diver artist dudes with Backroads Entertainment (dudes behind Pawn Stars)

    1 comedy show being developed with Scott Campbell and Charlie Corwin about tattoo shops

    TOTAL: 7



    1 Jean George spot for Michelin

    3 for Red Bull: Mobb Deep, the “Five out of Five” festival, and Aloe Blacc.

    6 spots documenting the “One Young World” global youth summit in Zurich.

    TOTAL: 10



    21 viral comedy videos for the .XXX campaign. These were then strung together into a feature.

    2 promos with Kevin Hart and Drunk History’s Derek Waters for T-Pain‘s new album rEVOLVEr. (Note the 11m views the first one got.)

    6 viral comedy videos for Kenneth Cole cologne

    7 comedy sketches on for Vans

    TOTAL: 36


    The amazing thing about this list is, if someone told me they had a comedy production company with three other guys and they did 36 sketches this year I’d go, “Wow, that’s one every 10 days. You guys are hustlin’. Who are you, Rick Ross?” But the Rubber Chicken Division of Rooster (I just made up that title right now) is only one small part of this pie. It took a Southern gentleman and Kentucky bourbon to teach us that we aren’t documentarians or ad guys or TV production guys, we’re all that and more. It’s not because we’re gifted or special or do amphetamines all day. It’s simply because we “Git R Done.” The only gifted person in this story is Lawrence.


    Thanks Cable Guy for showing us the unbridled power that lay within.


    The Rooster Team

    Photo by Gavin Mcinnes


    PS: Oh yeah, I wrote a fuckin’ book on Scribner (the Simon & Schuster division that did Hemingway).