When seeking a bit of advice on how to stand out in style, what sort of guru should one look for? We\u2019d want someone unique and classic all at once; someone who\u2019s always reliable, but isn\u2019t afraid to be playful and bold. We found our sage in Converse when we teamed up with Anomaly and the iconic sneaker company to create a series of helpful tutorials, such as: \u201cHow to Make an Entrance,\u201d \u201c How to React to Awful Gifts,\u201d and \u201cHow to Do Your Hair.\u201d Watch \u2018em all, and be sure to take notes.<\/em><\/p>\n","videos":[{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/vJs4SK0Xbf0","title":"How To Wrap A Gift","alt_url":"","image":""},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/d_bSWebYWFA","title":"How To React To Awful Gifts","alt_url":"","image":""},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/5YKc6F2_LKU","title":"How to Make an Entrance","alt_url":"","image":""},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/m1jzEE9nJ2o","title":"How to Do Your Hair","alt_url":"","image":""}]}